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年5月24日(木)に行ったInventor講習の資料 ◇プロフィール◇ 小原 照記(テルえもん) 東北の岩手県北上市で3D技術の普及活動をしています!! Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software is used for product design, rendering, and simulation. Get professional-grade mechanical design solutions from Inventor Amazon配送商品ならAutodesk Inventor iLogic: Autodesk Authorized Publisherが通常配送無料。更にAmazonならポイント還元本が多数。


Inventor Professionalの評判を全7件のユーザーレビュー・口コミで紹介 – Access parameters in base parts


安定して社内評判がいいです。 この製品・サービスの良いポイントは何でしょうか? CADツールは利用環境によって動作が致命的になる印象でしたが、 このツールはその心配があまりない印象です。 通常の市場に出回っているデスクトップPCでも固まることなく動きました。 改善してほしいポイントは何でしょうか? サポートが少し弱いのかもしれません。わからないことがあった場合に問い合わせの内容と違ったことが出てくるケースがありました。 どのようなビジネス課題を解決できましたか?あるいは、どのようなメリットが得られましたか? 社内の評判がいいです。設計作業の工数を削減することで、他に時間を割くことができました。 動作も安定しているため、固まったりでイライラすることもありません。 もっと見る.

高橋 一博. CAD初心者でもわかりやすく使えるソフト この製品・サービスの良いポイントは何でしょうか? 直感的に操作できてストレスなくスケッチを書けます。多少やり方がわからなくてもユーザー数がそこそこ多いのでネットで検索すれば大体のやり方がわかるのも素晴らしい点です ハイエンドなソフトだとスクールありきな感じなので 。 簡単なCAEが出来るので自宅PCでちょっとした解析が楽しめるのもオススメです。 改善してほしいポイントは何でしょうか? 個人的にはCATIAのようなスケッチが出来たら本当に満足です。思い通りのスケッチが描ける分、作業効率も捗ります。 どのようなビジネス課題を解決できましたか?あるいは、どのようなメリットが得られましたか? ちょっとしたモデルを作りたいだけならばハイスペックな開発環境を構築しなくても十分機能する点で役立っています。解析も行えるので業務知識も身につきます。 もっと見る.

米国 G2 Crowd のレビュー. Alagappan N. 翻訳 原文. Vincent M. Inventor is easy to use and efficient. Jason B. Powerful, yet needy. AutoCAD Plus オートデスク株式会社. IRONCAD 株式会社クリエイティブマシン. Fusion オートデスク株式会社. Blender blender. CATIA V5 ダッソー・システムズ株式会社. Inventor Professional オートデスク株式会社.

Rhinoceros Robert McNeel&Associates. DesignSpark Mechanical DesignSpark. Creo Parametric PTCジャパン株式会社. FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA iCAD SX 富士通株式会社. Rebro 株式会社NYKシステムズ. OnShape PTCジャパン株式会社. Inventor LT オートデスク株式会社.

These rules are the run or not run based on parameters in the assembly. So, I don’t know your exact problem, but I’ve done this auto-dimensioning thing before. If you can figure out which line fails, I would be glad to help you debug. One way I do that is putting a messagebox in, running the rule, and seeing if the messagebox shows up. Then, move it and run the program again until it doesn’t work, the line above is what broke it. I used to be of this opinion, but it honestly is much, much easier to just convert your code to VBA and let the software do the leg work for you when debugging.

The only time I still do the line-by-line debug is if there are certain objects or methods that are only accessible in vb. ie; System. Except that you can be a lot looser with declarations in iLogic, which is helpful for people new to programming Which was my guess based on the way the question was written – knowing which line failed is step 1 of debugging, at least in my view.

For me, after spending a lot of time doing this, it’s easier to write everything in Visual Studio. Funny you wrote what you wrote, because I wrote something similar at the bottom of my message, and then deleted it..

because even though it isn’t intended to be, those types of comments without the addition of a solution are ultimately unhelpful to the person asking the question. Everyone is at a different stage of learning. Eventually, you learn that iLogic is fine, but has limitations and places where it is best used. But maybe this person isn’t there yet. Maybe they would have a harder time converting it to VBA than to just brute force it in iLogic.

My comment was intended to help them reach an answer to their problem. It wasn’t a comment on ideal practices. It’s a bit better than the message box method, but still not even close to the tools in VBA or Visual Studio. I hope this helps. Forum links: Inventor iLogic , API and Customization Forum Inventor Ideas Forum General Inventor Forum.

I’ve been going through using the message box way of finding the incorrect line, but no luck yet. The Science of Time Travel: The Secrets Behind Time Machines, Time Loops, Alternate Realities, and More! Elizabeth Howell. If Then: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future Jill Lepore. Einstein’s Fridge: How the Difference Between Hot and Cold Explains the Universe Paul Sen.

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Inventor講習 ~最新機能紹介セミナー~ 日時:年5月24日(木)14:00~16:00 場所:いわてデジタルエンジニア育成センター 【Inventor】 2. 小原照記(Teruki Obara) 15 小原照記(Teruki Obara) 27 小原照記(Teruki Obara) メッシュデータのアセンブリ、図面化対応 30 小原照記(Teruki Obara) 34 小原照記(Teruki Obara) ここからは、割と知らないかも??と思う便利な機能を紹介していきます。 44 小原照記(Teruki Obara) 3Dモデル 53 勇人 宮沢 Jul. デジタルプロセス株式会社 – 課長 at デジタルプロセス株式会社. Total views. Windows 10 Product key requires many systems which are using Operating System including Windows 10 or any other Version. In this article, I will provide you Product key Windows 10 of Windows 10 Pro Product key free 64 bit.

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Use iLogic to standardize and automate design processes and configure your virtual products. The rules determine and drive parameter and attribute values for your design. By controlling these values, you can define behavior of the attributes, features, and components of a model.

Knowledge is saved and stored directly in the documents, like how geometric design elements are stored. You can use these parameter types to write rules that involve more than numeric input values. The Inventor Parameters dialog box supports these specialized parameters, with advanced filtering functions to assist in parameter input definition, management, and editing.

Designers and engineers can implement iLogic automation functions with little or no programming experience. Use automation functions to:. Functions for message and input boxes provide feedback, options, and information as rules are running. Use iLogic rules to connect custom forms directly to part or assembly design parameters. This capability provides a user interface for a rules-driven design template. By using VB. NET directly in your iLogic rules, you can:.

Both types of parameters can be used in rules to drive Inventor parameters or anything else that a rule can drive. In a rule, these parameters represent the standard VB.

NET types String and Boolean. In VB. NET, you surround string values in double quotes. For example:. Many iLogic functions contain string arguments, which are also put in quotes. Examples include names of components and features in the Autodesk Inventor model. As mentioned previously, Boolean parameters can be True or False. The Boolean values of True and False do not use surrounding quotes. String text parameters can be assigned to Inventor iProperties of type Text. The following is an example of the rule syntax:.

A multi-value parameter is an Autodesk Inventor parameter with a stored list of possible values. However, like other parameters, a multi-value parameter has a single value at any one time. It is not automatically locked to one of the values in the multi-value list, although you can accomplish that with a rule.

You create and edit multi-value parameters in the Parameters dialog box. Right-click on a parameter in any column, and select Make Multi-value to specify that the parameter can have multiple values. Use the dialog box that displays to enter a list of values. For a numeric parameter, the value list can include fractions or equations.

Examples include:. In a rule, you can read and write the list of values for a parameter using the multi-value functions. Automation functions in iLogic Designers and engineers can implement iLogic automation functions with little or no programming experience.

Use automation functions to: Search for and change iPart or iAssembly configurations automatically based on conditional statements defined in rules at the assembly level. Activate parts and assembly features, or assembly components and constraints, from rules using conditional arguments. Update and drive thread specifications automatically when a change occurs in a hole or rod size.

Read, write, and react to the material or appearance aspects of design documents, mass or volume of parts, and design parameters. Update Bill of Material information when model changes result in a new configuration. Restrict or auto-correct user input values to ensure that resulting configurations are valid and comply with design specifications and standards. Read and write to Excel spreadsheet documents. Custom interface created using iLogic rules Use iLogic rules to connect custom forms directly to part or assembly design parameters.

Integrated VB. Communicate with other Windows applications. Automate publishing in DWF or other file formats. Launch external applications and existing VBA macros.

Use Inventor API functions directly. The following is an example of the rule syntax: iProperties. Value “Custom”,”Passed”. Multi-value parameters in iLogic A multi-value parameter is an Autodesk Inventor parameter with a stored list of possible values. Parent topic: iLogic.

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