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Login Registration Users. Main Menu. For playing our games you need install emulator to your computer How to install emulator Download emulator. Download game. Description Double Dragon 2 – The Revenge I just finished up to the very end and I will share with you the impressions of this great game. From the beginning, I would like to say that it took me a long time to understand the style of control. The game is very difficult from double dragon 2 the revenge free for pc very beginning, but it is probably due to difficult control.

And I just do not do martial arts Level 1 – is happening again on the outskirts of the city, and your enemies are a different kind of teenage guy who perform real gymnastics in the game. Except for hands and feet, they also use a http://replace.me/20238.txt of knives to throw you. The ugly punkerk is back to you with a chain and even the bastards throw a nice ax on me. At the end of the first round, you’ll come across to a guy with an iron mask that does not double dragon 2 the revenge free for pc with you at all.

When you’re too close to grabbing your hair, it rises and your second hand bangs you, so you have trouble standing up. When you finally defeat him, you go down the elevator to the lower levels and you are in the second level. Level 2 – Here punkers have no chains, but they were probably shopping, so they are throwing straight grenades :- Even one guy to show off somewhere stole a demolition sphere from the crane and throws it for you At the end of the second round, you’ll come across to a guy who looks like Arnold Schwarcneger and he’ll play pretty well with you.

When you beat him there is another level. Lever sibelius 8 avid free – here my enemies feel much faster than the previous levels.

It’s as if they’ve got a good portion of speed. Faster throwing of knives faster movements of pure-bred cattle. Then you will come to a village where your enemies throw pieces of cut trees. Oh, yeah. Next you come to a harvester that, if you are not careful, will damage your face. Eventually you’ll come back to the elevator and you have to fight two guys the same as the boss at the end of the first level. You drive up the elevator and you are in the enemy base. At the end, you will come to a real master of martial arts with two short steel rods with which it really does.

I have to say it was not easy to kill him. Level 4 – a great guy appears at the beginning of this level, but he does not want anything, so you’ll get him in a double dragon 2 the revenge free for pc. Then it’s a lot worse, there are two guys like the one at the end of the third level and they’re not funny.

Eventually, I killed them. You will come to a place where steel balls roll on you and a huge spear that is holding a kind of statue that also http://replace.me/16140.txt lightning on you. Then you will drop down the stairs and two guys with iron masks such as a borec at the end of the first level will climb out of the wall, except that they look like a red moth Then you will come to a place where it is a real massacre.

There will be two or three guys I’ve called Arnold last time. Then a descendant guy double dragon 2 the revenge free for pc you and then two guys with metal sticks.

Just an unimaginable mess. It’s as if it’s not enough to see the borec that killed your friend at the beginning. It’s really hell. Your head M16 will больше на странице your head on your head. And finally, there’s a horror music coming out and a guy who looks like you and he’s half ghost appears. He can throw извиняюсь, windows 10 versions ltsb free download на! ice rays double dragon 2 the revenge free for pc you, and he can disappear under the floor, immobilize you and then attack.

It’s really a very long duel, but finally he got that bastard. That’s the end of my friends. Double Dragon II is really a great game that deserves respect.

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Most of the enemies in the first game returned in the second one too, but were given makeovers and few new moves they could use. The weapons were also modified and, for example, the steel bats and dynamite sticks were replaced by shovels and grenades.

There were four levels in the first game and there are still four in the second one: a heliport, a lumber storehouse, a wheat field and the new hideout of the final boss.

There is a sub-boss for each stage. He has to be defeated for the players to get through the next level. After a single-mode game the player will have to confront a double of him to finish the game, otherwise he will encounter his twin brother, controlled by the second player. There are also few tracks from the original Double Dragon game. The first release of the series was very popular; the second one followed the same path. The version for Nintendo Entertainment System was rated with a great total average of 8.

No less than users voted when this review was written. The game for arcade was rated with 8. Double Dragon 2 – The Revenge is one of the most anticipated games of the new year. Adapted from the stylish arcade sequel to one of coin-op’s all-time classics, the second story in the Billy and Jimmy Lee saga brings our heros together and side by side, for the first time on the Nintendo Entertainment System, to take on the Shadow Boss who appears to have killed Marian. But is she really dead? New moves and enemies help to inject some variety into the proven play concepts.

I enjoyed Double Dragon 2 a lot. The new moves and fancier backgrounds do add some depth, and the two-player cooperative function is another welcome enhancement over the original NES Double Dragon. Every bit as good, and even better, than the first. It’s all new too! New moves, new scenes, great graphics, excellent player control and multiple difficulty levels. Double Dragon 2 is easily the best kick-and-punch game ever made!

The supreme punch-and-kick! Top rate graphics help compliment this super sequel. The new two-player simultaneous feature is another added improvement over the original that clearly makes it more fun. A worthy sequel that surpasses its predecessor in almost every way!

Double Dragon 2 represents a phenomenol improvement over the original Double Dragon. The theme is a bit stale next to upcoming efforts like Viper, but for now it’s king of the kicker carts!

Now you can take all the adventure of the Double Dragon series with you in this incredible Game Boy sequel! The game is provided as a zip file “as is”. There’s no installer. To run a Windows game you will probably need a virtual machine. Abandonware DOS is a free service. However, there are costs to sustain. The game itself is very hard! This makes it much harder, and the need for a partner is evident so go find a friend to help you out. As for the story You need to avenge the girl who’s been killed.

Thus the subtitle The Revenge. Each player has 3 lives and if one player dies the other simply continues alone.

The gameplay is repetitive, but the game is challenging. VecDroid X. WonderDroid X. Jelly Kittens! Circle Jump – Bounce.

Bubbles Crazzy Shooter. Treasure Stairs – Secret Quests Minigame. Block Bomber 3D. Most Popular Apps Subway Surfers. Temple Run. Skater Boy. Space shooter – Galaxy attack – Galaxy shooter. Stickman Party: 1 2 3 4 Player Games Free. Please, register or log in to rate this game! Review Comments 0 Screenshots 5 User reviews 0 Extras 0. Game review No review yet. Comments There are no comments yet.


Double dragon 2 the revenge free for pc. Download Double Dragon II – The Revenge

There are also few tracks from the original Double Dragon game. At the end of Missions Four and Eight, a detailed map reveals your progress.

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