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Sign in with your Microsoft account. Microsoft will then automatically activate your license once you Sign in to your account. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Http://replace.me/22231.txt content of an adult theme по ссылке inappropriate to a community web site. This is a smarter approach and lets us move our Office suite from one system to another.

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YouTube – Facebook – Twitter – About. Technology in terms you understand. Sign up for the Confident Computing newsletter for weekly solutions to make your life easier. Click here and get The Ask Leo! You will need the original installation media that you used to install Office the first time.

Become a Patron of Ask Leo! The steps are actually fairly simple. First, install Office on computer B using that original media. That determines the ownership of the product. Belarc actually does an inventory of programs on your computer, but it will also report the product keys for the versions of Office and even Windows that are on computer A.

That way, you can grab the original Office product key. Now, this is where things could get interesting. Just do the activation. Once you have things installed and activated on computer B, then run the uninstall program on computer A and you should be good to go.

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My windows 7 premium came pre-installed. I ran Belarc Advisor. Several years ago, I purchased Microsoft Office Home and Student which contained 3 home pc licenses. License 1 was downloaded on computer A which recently experienced a hard drive crash and is no longer a functioning computer — that license is obviously a goner.

License 2 is located on computer B, a laptop that is about to be retired due to old age and poor functionality. Can I uninstall the suite from computer B and re-install on my newly purchased desktop PC?

I would like to retain unused license 3 for a new laptop to be purchased in the near future. Thank you so much for your important and valuable feedback. Carl P, aka, Nottatechie.

If you have a single activation code — well, same thing. How can I remove the Windows licence from Computer 3 and re-install on Computer 1 repaired with new hard drive?

Since Windows 10 has not yet been released, you have a preview license. Just get a new preview, or get Windows 10 when it releases. Windows 10 crashed my computer so I had to buy a new computer. I am trying to load my copy of Office 10 on the new computer. There was no reason to buy a new computer. All you had to do was reinstall Windows on the old one from scratch. A couple year later I bought computer C and once again paid to have everything moved from B to C.

I have heard that many people who upgraded to Windows 10 as did I could not run Office 10 and thus went back to Windows 7. Long story short, is there anything I can do to be able to open my Office 10 icons or to find my charts and graphs information. I still have computer B but not A. I had an old computer that we paid for Office After 7 years of use the computer started acting funny and crashing so I backed up everything on an external hard drive. I hooked up the external hard drive and copies my office over to the new computer but it wont let me open my office because is installed, but its just the 14 day version.

Most programs must be installed from the original installation files to work. It can be uninstalled the same way any program is uninstalled, by going to Programs and Features in the Control Panel and uninstalling it. Unfortunately probably not. You really need to run the Office setup program from the original disks. I have run in to the same problem as Mr. It is part of a persistent practice in the computer industry to force perfectly acceptable applications into obsolescence.

Mark Jacobs RE: original installation files. Poster should have no trouble has long as they have the proper Office product key on this Microsoft page to reinstall earlier versions of Office.

I have original disk FPP 3 X and all three are on computers. I need to take off one with Windows 7 and put on another with Windows Note: I have uninstalled the trial off of the W John also said he needed to access my computer. Sounds not right to me.

Hang up. How would Microsoft know if MS Office was uninstalled off one computer to be able to install on another? Because you have to register it with them. It has to be designed transparently that way. Your computer can get to the Microsoft site because it can recognize that site, and the Microsoft computer can also recognize your computer when you come so that you communicate.

But can recognize which computers hold its licenses. Leo, I have a slightly different version of this issue. My HP laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium has become infected to the point that I am going to reformat and start over. In your license transfer process, you advise not uninstalling Office from Computer A until after it has been activated on Computer B.

How should I modify the process since the hard drive that represents Computer A will no longer be viable? The calculator is now broken and I can not start it anymore. How can I deactivate or delete the Office license of the old PC in order to re-activate Office on the new computer? Microsoft will not allow it, we have wanted to transfer to a new one had the key and product ID, but although we took a photo from the key and the product ID, Microsoft claims in disregard of the photo proof, they do not have such a key.

So we used a key finder and they gave exactly the same key and the same product ID, still Microsoft says not such a key. They took the money quick enough, but service that does not seems to be on their mind never was, from experience. Are you sure it was Microsoft you contacted? If you found the phone number on the internet, it was possibly a scammer. I searched and found a Hotmail support number, but is it legit? I have Office installed on my desktop which recently crashed beyond repair.

My question is, since that copy of Office on that crashed PC is still valid, can I just use the installation disc to re-install it on my new laptop using the same product key?

Or, how can I de-activate the copy on that crashed PC and then reinstall a new copy on the laptop? You should be able to manage your license by going to the MS Office website to register your new installation. Comments violating those rules will be removed. Comments that don’t add value will be removed, including off-topic or content-free comments, or comments that look even a little bit like spam.

All comments containing links and certain keywords will be moderated before publication. I want comments to be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and take the time to read.

Search Ask Leo! Can I move Office to another computer? If I uninstall from the first, can I just use the setup again and install in on another computer?

I’ll see you there! Slow Computer? What If I Need It? If you don’t have it, you could be severely out of luck. I’ll review alternatives. Free Microsoft Office in Windows 10? Sort Of – Microsoft Office appears in every new install of Windows 10, but is it really “included”? Yes and no. Fortunately, you can repair Microsoft Office. Hello, Leo. I still have computer B but not A Reply. Shortly after my computer took its final breaths…lol! I now have a new computer with office on it.

Best advice take Open office. Hi Leo, I have Office installed on my desktop which recently crashed beyond repair.


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Sketching out ideas, collaborating in real time, and adding images, video, audio, and text are all available in OneNote as it sits to the side of what you’re working on. This enables you to drop sections of text, images, and other tidbits into OneNote’s interface to keep all your ideas in one place. An upgraded Navigation Bar makes it easy to jump between notebooks to copy or merge information.

When you’re collaborating on a project, OneNote now features automatic highlighting so you can quickly find changes to your notebook since your last save. Features like these, along with new visual styles and a Web version with live changes, make OneNote the key collaborative tool of the suite. Our only question is whether people will accept OneNote as their mainstay for live collaboration since it has less name recognition than bigger apps in the suite.

In addition to upgraded collaboration tools, you’ll now be able to work on your documents anywhere with slimmed down Web-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. The Web based components will make sharing information easier whether it’s from your home computer, your phone, or when you’re traveling for business.

The Web apps preserve the look and feel of a document regardless of the device you’re working on–even if it’s your smartphone. These apps seem to work as advertised mostly, but we wonder how well the Web-based versions will work when server loads reach into the several millions of users. What sets these apps apart from Google Docs and other services is that your documents and spreadsheets retain their formatting, giving Office ‘s Web apps a leg up against its online counterparts.

Excel has received some tweaks as well, with easier-to-read, color-coded spreadsheets and smart tools to bring in the information you need. In Excel , you can flip through the tabs to access formulas, insert diagrams and charts, and quickly import data from connected sources. A new feature called Sparklines lets you create a small chart in a single cell. This lets users compare data across multiple cells with added graphical elements to make them easier to read and spot trends over time.

These moves seem to suggest that Microsoft is trying to make spreadsheets a little more accessible to a wider swath of users. We welcome the new customization features, especially as Excel retains the powerful tools users have come to expect. Those who are involved in creating their own publications and newsletters will appreciate new changes to Publisher With several available templates, you can add your personal business logo graphics and branding and then preview them in real time across each template style.

Microsoft has added ligatures and Stylistic Alternates to fonts so you can add your own personal touches to your publications. Like the other applications we’ve talked about in Office , Publisher offers the same new useful image-editing tools, so effects, color-correction, cropping, and more are only a few clicks away.

Late to our labs and late to the game, some might say, with Google and Yahoo leading the pack are some of the new features that Windows Live Hotmail will support when it launches to all users in July or August. Microsoft says users will be offered the option to upload Office documents or images to their SkyDrives, and then send a link of their work to a friend who uses Hotmail. This will eliminate the need to use caution when sharing large files for presentations, videos, or large collections of photos, because the documents will exist in the cloud.

The recipient will be able to view documents in their original format and large multimedia files in their Inbox without the need to wait for a huge download. This gives Hotmail users the opportunity to pick and choose which content they want to download from SkyDrive. As a result of new feature additions to Hotmail, images and video will receive new options, too, including the ability to automatically view a collection of images in a slideshow, and the ability to view photos and video from third-party services like FlickR, SmugMug, Hulu, and YouTube, all without having to leave Hotmail.

Microsoft also says it will push Windows live e-mail, calendar, and contact information, and more to your Windows Mobile phone using Exchange ActiveSync. Other new features we saw in the demo included separate sections for viewing shipping information and e-mails from social Web sites, which represent a significant amount of all e-mail messages.

Does Office offer enough to make it worth the upgrade from earlier versions? We think that largely depends on how you use Microsoft Office. New templates and quick access to video and image-editing tools are welcome additions for those who create visual presentations of their content.

Serious spreadsheet power users will like the new features that tie data together in Excel while making complex data more accessible in the Ribbon and more exciting visually. Outlook’s new conversation-scrubbing features and Quicksteps for common e-mail actions could save daily e-mail users a lot of time, if they’re willing to learn the ropes initially.

If you feel like Office or Office have all the features you need in your line of work, then there’s probably little reason to upgrade. Obviously, the Ribbon is now the preferred method across the entire suite for getting to features quickly. If you didn’t like the Ribbon in Office , you probably won’t like it now, but we think there’s plenty of utility in having a common interface tool across all the apps; it might be worth learning a new way of doing things if you want to streamline your work flow.

The new Hotmail integration features that will launch alongside Office may give Google Docs a run for its money if they work as advertised. We’re impressed with what we’ve seen so far, but we’ll need to reserve judgment until users are relying on the new features en masse.

Office is a worthy upgrade for those who desire new templates and visual styles, better ways of editing multimedia content in publications and presentations, and easier methods of collaboration. The ability to work from anywhere with the new Web apps is surely a big reason to upgrade if your job requires that kind of flexibility.

Microsoft Office Home and Student gives you the essential tools you need to complete school and household projects efficiently. Ready-to-use templates in Word and PowerPoint equip students to create outstanding schoolwork, with rich visual effects and media-editing features that help them express their ideas creatively. Note: Install from CD or the installation media package and activate with the License given.

Note: In case if you get an error message, for example, too many installations, and the activation could not complete, you would have to contact Microsoft Customer Care and raise a request for activation over the phone. A list of your all Microsoft products would be shown. Under Install info , select Deactivate Install. Confirm the prompt when pop-up by clicking Deactivate. Note: Wait for the registration process to complete. Sign in to your Microsoft Account using login credentials Note: Wait for a couple of seconds for the process to complete.

It recovers the large-sized word files. All the information present in word file remain unchanged. Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.

Search the community and support articles Install, upgrade and activate Microsoft and Office Search Community member. But I am unable to find the steps to do it. If you have a Mac, Office apps are on the Launchpad. Activate Office. If you’re using Windows, signing in and accepting the license agreement will activate all Office apps. Click Sign In. If you don’t see this option, click the File menu, select New from template , and then click Sign In.

Click Start Using Word or whichever app you opened once the activation is complete. Method 3 of Install the latest macOS updates on both computers. This ensures a smooth transfer between the two Macs. On both Macs, click the Apple menu at the top-left corner of the screen, select System Preferences , click Software Update , and then select Software Update if it’s available. As of the release of Office , your product key is tied to your Microsoft account. Make sure the old Mac has a computer name set.

The computer on which Office is already installed must have a “computer name” set to use the Migration Assistant. Here’s how to check: Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Click Sharing. If the “Computer Name” field is blank, enter a name now. It can be anything you want, such as “My Old Mac. Connect the Macs to each other. If both Macs are running the latest version of macOS or even just High Sierra or later , just place them close together and enable Wi-Fi on each.

If you’ve backed up your Microsoft Office installation to another drive using Time Machine, you can just connect the Time Machine drive directly to the new Mac instead. Open Migration Assistant on the new Mac. To do this: Click the Finder icon the two-toned face on the Dock. Double-click the Applications folder. Double-click the Utilities folder.

Double-click Migration Assistant. Click Continue. It’s the first option in the list. Now you’ll perform the next step on the Mac that already has Microsoft Office installed. If you’re using a Time Machine backup, skip to Step Open Migration Assistant on your old Mac. This is the Mac that already has Office installed.

You’ll find it in the Applications folder under Utilities. Select “To another Mac” and click Continue. Now you’ll switch back to the new Mac. Select your old Mac or Time Machine backup drive and click Continue. Depending on how you’re transferring files, you may have to complete one of these steps: If you see a security code appear, verify that the same code appears on the old Mac, and then click Continue.

If you are asked to select a backup to transfer information from, select the latest backup, and then click Continue. Select the information you want to transfer to your new Mac. Since Microsoft Office is a set of applications, check the box next to “Applications. This begins the process of copying Microsoft Office and other applications to your new Mac. Once the migration is complete, you’ll find Microsoft Office in your Applications folder. If you get an activation error when opening Office on your new Mac, click I want to activate the software by telephone on the Activation Wizard, select Next , and then follow the on-screen instructions.


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