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Alchemy provides extensive sample mapping, looping, and grouping facilities that make it easy to create instruments containing hundreds of samples and layers. Learn how to install Alchemy presets. Simple instructions for Logic Pro X. Download a FREE Alchemy sound library and install the presets.


Logic X Alchemy vs Omnisphere – replace.me – Looking for Logic Pro?


I was going to get Omni 2, but now that alchemy is out, and better than ever, there seems more than enough features here to keep me busy for a really long time. I’m happy that the interface is basically the same, if you knew how to use it before you know how to use it now despite there being a few new features. Watch the Dan Worrell tuts for Camel Alchemy. I hope third-party libraries continue to be made for it. For me, there is still a huge difference : Omnisphere doesn’t support multi samples imported by the user, of course.

A second minor difference : Alchemy-Logic is resizable. Great after a few hours of sound designing. Alchemy will never get the same sample content than Omnisphere. Reverse is also true btw. Speaking of libraires, does anybody know if Alchemy 3rd party libraries made for Alchemy v1 still work in the V2? Thanks, I made a lot of factory presets for Alchemy and also an add on soundbank, but as I unfortunately have no Mac, I don’t know if people will be able to install the patches. This thread was inevitable.

IMO, They both have their strengths. Omni 2 still has the wavetable thing going for it, which is really cool and a bunch other features that I love about it, like the effects, the granulator, etc. It’s awesome. But, I’m finding myself really enjoying Alchemy 2. Sonically, Alchemy has always reminded me a bit of a V-synth– there’s something grainy, fuzzy, and interesting going on in the patches.

It can sometimes sound a little “farther away” in the soundstage to my ears, kind of recessed mids on a lot of patches. Omnisphere by contrast sounds much more “up front”.

I’m finding alchemy really comes to life when it’s processed, in a way that Omni doesn’t. In my mind, Alchemy sounds like hardware, and Omni sounds like hi-end software.

Highly subjective, but that’s how I hear it. Oh, and the tweaky bits and effects patched in Alchemy are incredible. Much better ear candy with the morphing than Omni, IMO. And I really like the Logic integration, and the morphing is really, really cool.

It’s kind of like this: Logic’s Drum Designer kits are pretty damn good, but maybe not quite a super-high end as Superior Drummer 2. Close, but not quite as good. But you get it all integrated into your DAW. And having Alchemy integrated into the DAW makes it much more appealing. Besides, 14Gb is plenty of hard disk real estate for a plugin. Compare that to Omni’s 40 or 50, and I think that Alchemy is a bargain in all respects. Also, I love Eric Persing’s patches.

He could do more with 8 megabytes than most people could with a gigabyte. The guy’s a legend. Yes, I know I will take a look at them tomorrow and let you know if everything is fine. Also one huge difference as well: Omni is 8-part multitimbral, Alchemy is monotimbral. I’ve compared all the presets I have from you. Presets from Alchemy 1 are “almost” sounding the same in Alchemy 2.

Globally fine but not the same. Check your PM. I’m happy to have both. For the last two years my top 3 hitters have been Omnisphere, Alchemy and Zebra2. Sure there is overlap, but they are all unique. Alchemy is the big winner for flexibility and depth, for sure.

If you own Logic Pro X, this will seriously give you a boost of sounds and knowledge in how to use Alchemy and make it a GO TO synthesizer for your music productions! Maps load quickly so making patches or adding a sample map piano, bells, pad, guitar, voice to an existing patch is possible in lightning speed!

Some chains are over 7 effects in a row! That was one of over 30 patches created by yours truly. NOTE: technical error note posted above about the original factory patches.

Please read for the details! It makes for a very unique sound and makes these playable across the whole keyboard even though they are just a single sample.


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