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Click on whichever you prefer & hey presto! To get the QR code on your computer go to your initials in the top right hand corner of Xero. Go to the Xero login screen. · Enter your email address and password, then click Log in. · Click Set up multi-factor authentication. · Choose.

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It combines something you know your username and password with something you have an authentication app on your smartphone or tablet. This second layer of security is designed to prevent anyone but you from accessing your account even if they know your password. Statistics show that:.

Step 1: Download Xero Verify. Xero Verify is the only authenticator app that sends push notifications when you log in to Xero. Download Xero Verify from the Apple or Google app store. Step 2: Sync the app with Xero. Follow the steps for setting up multi-factor authentication or watch the videos below to see how to sync Xero Verify to your Xero login and allow it to automatically send notifications to you. Step 3: Logging in to Xero. When you log in to Xero, enter your email and password as usual.

Xero Verify immediately sends a notification to your mobile device. Click your initials or image, click Account , select Set up under Multi-factor authentication , then follow the instructions. The videos below walk you through the steps. Multi-factor authentication for security. How to set up Xero Verify. Switch from Google Authenticator to Xero Verify. How to set up Google Authenticator. Blog posts:. Xero Central support pages:. Set up multi-factor authentication.

How to log in to Xero. Troubleshoot multi-factor authentication. Use multi-factor authentication on a new device. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about enabling and using multi-factor authentication. Security Multi-factor authentication. What is MFA? Did you know? Source: DBIR, Receive push notifications for fast authentication.

Watch these MFA videos. Additional ways to secure your data. You should use a strong and unique password with your backup email. Keep your software up to date, including the apps on your phone and tablet.

Keep your login details to yourself. You can invite others into an organisation or client file at no extra cost, but they will need their own login and multi-factor authentication. This introduces you to additional vulnerabilities that you have no control over.

Enable MFA on all your online accounts. Want more info on MFA and security? Got a question about MFA?


Xero qr code key for authentication –


Still Struggling to get your head around Multi Factor Authentication? Choose an Authenticator App Now, you need to choose an authentication app. Regular authentication apps provide a code which you will need to copy and then paste into Xero each time you login. Xero Verify allows faster and easier logins by sending a push notification to your phone each time you login to Xero which you can then tap to verify yourself.

Click save. Authy has generated a 6 digit code. Go back to Xero and enter in this code. Share this. Let’s talk business We’ll untangle your complex business challenges and drive your business forward. It took me ages of messing around to work this out. Just popping back in here to give you a direct link around setting up 2SA on a new device.

I can’t log in, to do my invoices to get paid I have looked everywhere on site for it and some key. Can anyone please help me. If like me you reset the old phone before scanning QR code. Log into Xero using another authentication method, i. Once your in go to account setting It will allow you to prompt a disable of the Two-step Authentication, again asking for security questions. Once you have done this you can re enable Two-step using QR code the the code appears to allow you to scan the QR code.

Jason Hassell thank you for that answer!! Helped completely. Why couldn’t xero have given such a simple solution to all the above people. My account was already using 2FA. I managed to smash my old device’s screen and now the screen doesn’t work. I have an alternative device but despite it being linked to an account via android, the 2FA account s do not transfer automatically. All the suggestions above assume that you can access your account because your old device isn’t ‘destroyed’.

Bad language aside above , there seems to be no option to acquire a new QR code without having your previous device fully operation allowing access to your account. Thus, I appear to be locked out my account permanently. I think the QR code has now gone. They now have Multi factor authentication, you need to load on your phone an app called Xero Verify. You will see on the page a section that says Additional Security, follow the prompts I think the missing link for some has been the ” My Xero ‘ step where all your company profiles are located Karen, but changing options here asks you to first authenticate using the authenticator!

I don’t think this is a solution. I have downloaded the verification app to my phone, I am sitting looking at my xero account on my laptop, there is no QR code anywhere and where the hell do you get a set up key for the app??? This is MOST frustrating Anyone else finds that the security code takes at least 5 minutes to arrive in their inboxes? And it’s nothing to do with my connection as it is good.

Kelly M, clearly Xero is not listening to their customers! I also can’t find this and no answers on these forums!

I had this trouble when I got a new phone and needed to set up Authy on it again, but I was already enabled for 2 Factor authentication. I had to do the following on my PC computer: disable the 2 Factor authentication found in my account settings had to use the alternative email for an authentication code to disable it and enable it again for the QR code to appear on the screen.

Hope this helps. Our QR codes are single use so when you need to change your 2SA device, you need to delete your existing set up for a new code to generate. Thank you Jolene, I too got there in the end but it is a very convoluted way to do things. The most important thing is that the QR code is only issued once and then that 2SA has to be disabled, before requesting another enable when the QR code then appears.


Xero qr code key for authentication –

Open the Xero Verify app on your device. · Tap the + icon in the top right corner. · Tap Scan QR code or Enter setup key. · Set up MFA for your. Once downloaded, open the Xero Verify app on your phone, allow access to use your camera, and scan the QR Code that’s displayed on your screen. Click on whichever you prefer & hey presto! To get the QR code on your computer go to your initials in the top right hand corner of Xero.

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