Tax Preparation

We prepare tax returns for individuals, So1040 Formle Proprietors, Partnership and LLCs, S-Corporations and C-Corporations. We love working with small businesses, and many of our clients have businesses reported on a Schedule C and/or rental real estate captured on Schedule E. We’re happy to work with you to ensure you’re getting the best experience for you, so whatever your knowledge about taxes we’re happy to work with you.

It’s generally more efficient (and thus less expensive) to have one firm prepare the return for your business and your individual taxes. If you have a K-1 coming from your business, the software we use integrates seamlessly with your 1040 to make that process fast and accurate.

You see commercials and have heard stories about taxpayers with the proverbial shoe box of receipts. We will take your shoe box and for most individual returns that’s no big deal. But if you’re running a business using the Shoe box method, realize that means a lot more time on your return which will translate to a higher fee. We’re happy to take a few minutes to discuss accounting services or QuickBooks options that will turn your shoe box into something far more practical and useful to you as a business owner.

Tax Planning

Many times, the worst about taxes is the surprise factor. Whether it’s your withholding from paychecks or business estimates, we can help you pay the right amount of taxes through the year to minimize the surprise factor and avoid late payment penalties.

We are also skilled at longer term forecasting and financial planning, whether that’s for college savings or retirement, or whatever else causes you to lose sleep. Our services compliment, rather than conflict, with the service received from your investment adviser and provide you with comfort that you’re on the right track. We have several investment professionals with whom we have close working relationships, which only works in your favor.


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