Great article in Forbes: Stop ‘Listening’ And Start Anticipating Your Customers’ Needs. I read this article and thought that this expresses a philosophy I’ve tried hard to adopt in my business and had a hard time putting words to. In the end, I believe that my experience in industry – not just in accounting, but in sales and operations as well – gives me a perspective different from most CPAs and that that experience helps me. To anticipate the questions that are just beyond a client’s conscious mind, or those that they just haven’t gotten to yet but will in time. I certainly know that I as a customer or a client share the author’s perspective on the value of that anticipation. They say the best way to get a promotion is to already be doing the job you want to officially have – there is an analogy for client service here as well, where providing the service or answering the question before it’s asked is the equivalent, and doesn’t provide a space for a client to say that there needs aren’t being met (even if only briefly). Interested in reading more? Check out the link below. If you want to see it In action with your CPA and don’t feel you’ve been getting that from your current firm, give us a ring.

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