I’m a big fan of QuickBooks Online, but it isn’t for everyone. If you want the comfort of continuing to use QuickBooks desktop version, but you also seek to allow access from multiple locations or for multiple people who are not connected on a shared network, then an online hosted solution may be right for you.

Why host your Quickbooks in the Cloud?

CloudHosting your QuickBooks online has numerous advantages. First, if you are working with a CPA (like me, for example) and you send an Accountant’s Copy to your accountant, then with the hosted solution you would no longer need to hassle with the Accountant’s Copy. Your accountant can have their own login to the hosted QuickBooks file and work with your data as needed. No more hassles of trying to post something only to find it’s before the cutoff date.

Hosting also provides for regular backups of your data. Be honest how often do you back up your file to a location that is NOT on the same computer you regularly use AND then move that backup offsite? If the answer is never then hosting is for you as any reputable host site will provide regular backups. You can still? Back up the file to YOUR hard drive to always have a copy locally as well if that makes you happy.

Anytime you have multiple offices and a single computer install of QuickBooks, or users wanting to access it from a tablet, it could make sense to have it hosted online. Hosting is secure, convenient, and relatively inexpensive, and far less? Complicated than cobbling together a program using online backups or trying to pass copies of your file around. Hosted services average about $40-50 per month (on top of the cost of QB itself), with some providers charging per user and others per install; Intuit provides a list of certified hosting providers that makes it easy to find the right one for you.

There are other advantages to hosting your QuickBooks online rather than switching to QuickBooks Online to provide the anytime, anywhere access to other users of the data. As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, I’m available to help you discern the right product and setup for you.

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